The year is half gone. Are you up to speed?

astral-571July 1st marked the official half-way point. 183 days have gone by since the beginning of the year. 2014 – half over!! Where did it go?

As the years go by, time speeds up. This is so true that I’m sure it must be some law of physics.

As a child a Sunday afternoon could seem endless. Now they just disappear!

Did you set goals for the year? Resolutions? How many have you accomplished?

Management experts will tell you it’s good to:

  1. set specific goals with deadlines,
  2. monitor progress weekly,
  3. review and revise quarterly, and
  4. conduct a mid-year review to make sure you’re still on track.


If you don’t already do so, write down your top three or four goals for the year. Under each write out the milestones (specific sub-goals) and dates by which you’ll accomplish them. State them in the affirmative – “By December 31st, I’ll have twenty new 36×24″ pieces in my figure painting series.”

So in the spirit of accountability here goes my quick and dirty review of the year.

My  broad goals

  1. Make more art
  2. Interact with people more
  3. Get my work into galleries
  4. Serve other artists

The results are:

ck-mark 1. My specific goal is to paint the equivalent of one 11×14 in painting a week (154 sq in). So far I’ve done 162 square inches each month. (At least when I finish the one I’m currently working on.)

ck-mark2. For me interacting with people (or “networking” in business lingo) just means making friends and spending time with them. It’s so easy to hide in the studio. My specific goal is to devote 2-4 hours weekly to connecting with my art buddies and going to shows to meet other artists, possible patrons, and gallery staff I don’t yet know. I’m on track with this one.

ck-mark 3. This goal is on track as well since I’m now showing in two regional galleries and I’m in a month-long group show in another. I’ll be having a solo show in August and once that’s up, the next step is to get my work into a gallery beyond the area where I live. Lots of steps involved in that!

ck-mark4. One specific goal to serve others is by writing about the artist’s journey here. This blog is meant to provide a forum for community, productivity, and accountability for you, whether you are an emerging or long experienced artist that wants to be part of an arts community and share what you’ve learned. So with this post, I’m re-launching this blog and I’m hoping you’ll take part in commenting and participating. Community revolves around interaction and conversations.

Of course having broad goals is only part of the equation. The other part is breaking them down into manageable steps and keeping on track. I’ll write more about that in future posts.

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